microdosing guide

DISCLAIMER: I do not wish to condone or promote the consumption of illegal substances under any circumstances.

By now, microdosing is getting a lot of hype-but why? In this article, I am going to go over what is microdosing, how to microdose and some of the most commonly reported benefits from this practice. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get straight to the point and start off with the basics!

What is microdosing?

Essentially, microdosing is the act of ingesting a micro-amount of a psychedelic substance. This dosage is so small that it offers no psychoactive effects, meaning it will not result in a high if done correctly. However, there are effects that are noticeable yet very subtle at the same time, only they are not strong enough to provide an actual ‘high’. When microdosing lysergamides, the dosage can be anywhere from 5mcg-20mcg. This dosage depends on a lot of things such as your sensitivity to lysergamides, how long that lysergamide takes to break down in your body and if you take it on an empty stomach or not. The correct dosage seems to be different to everyone, so it is important to find what works for you.

When it comes to microdosing magic mushrooms, getting the right dosage can be a lot more tricky. Since psilocybin (the active compound in magic mushrooms) is a naturally occurring tryptamine, each batch of mushrooms varies in strength. This is why consuming 1 gram of mushrooms from one batch can offer much stronger effects than 3 grams from another batch.That being said, getting an accurate and consistent dose from something synthesized like lysergamides is a lot more successful than magic mushrooms.

Microdosing benefits

So, what is so good about microdosing? What does it actually do? Well, due to the lack of funding in psychedelic science, there are not many studies backing this practice. Until there is more science on show, we have to go off of what the community has to say. I have been working with a microdosing company for years and this is what we have concluded based on what our clients have to say.

DISCLAIMER: The benefits of microdosing vary from person to person, meaning some may experience specific benefits while others may not. The following information is simply sourced from what our clients have told us.

Increased focus – Since microdosing stimulates the brain, it would only make sense that this causes an increase in energy and focus! If you are someone who has a hard time getting your brain going in the AM, then microdosing may help you with that! I used to suffer from a bad case of brain fog every morning that would last hours after getting out of bed. This affected the first half of my working day massively. After finding a consistent microdosing schedule (see below) I quickly found it a lot easier to get my brain switched on in the morning. Noticing an increase in energy in the morning is such a gamer changer and can set you up for the rest of your day!

Creativity boost – Microdosing is a fantastic tool to help keep those creative juices flowing! This is the 2nd most commonly reported benefit we have gotten from our clients over time. Some studies suggest that taking psychedelic substances may promote neuroplasticity in the brain. Essentially, this is the ability to create and reorganize synaptic connections in the brain. As a child, our neuroplastic functions are at an all-time high! As we age, this slows down significantly. This is why kids have sponge-like brains that allow them to learn easily and adapt to new ideas. This may also be what gives us the ability to think creatively! That being said, microdosing may be able to help you ‘think outside the box’, giving you a creative advantage.

Stabilized mood – This is a huge plus to microdosing! On dose days, you can expect to feel lighter as the world around you seems sharper and (perhaps) more beautiful than you realised. Taking a microdose can really help you tune into the beauty that is both inside you and the beauty that surrounds you. In some cases, psychedelics can minimize symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and even PTSD! Of course, this is not always the case but it may be worth a try if you struggle with mental health.

DISCLAIMER: I am not stating that microdosing will fix clinically diagnosed mental illnesses. However, it may help you take some weight off of your shoulders. In the fast-paced nature of society, life can get heavy very fast. Microdosing can simply help you slow down and look at things more objectively whilst simultaneously allowing you to remain in touch with your emotional self.

There are so many other benefits of microdosing, but I will leave it here and move onto how to schedule in your doses.

Microdosing schedule

When it comes to a microdosing schedule, there is no ‘one size fits all’ schedule. However, there is a common schedule that many of my clients have been following that works for them. Here is what that schedule looks like:

Day 1: Dose day
Day 2: Day off
Day 3: Day off

Essentially, this is a 1 day on, 2 days off schedule. This seems to work well for those who microdose for the sake of boosting wellbeing (mood) and brain function. However, this is not the only way to microdose successfully. In fact, you can completely scrap the concept of a ‘schedule’ and just dose whenever you feel the time is right. The only important thing is to remember to never dose two days in a row! Just like many substances, we gain a physical tolerance to psychedelics, meaning you will not get as much out of your doses unless you are giving your body time to get back to its baseline. Although there is not much we know about microdosing yet, we think it is safe to assume 2 days off is enough for the micro-amount that is a microdose.

It is also good practice to make sure that you dose in the morning. A typical microdose will last for about 8-10 hours. Taking it later in the morning or in the afternoon may disrupt your circadian rhythm, causing you to lose quality in your sleep cycle. Microdosing is all about discovering the best version of yourself, which (let’s be honest here) can only be done when you are getting good quality sleep! That being said, please take your dose in the morning for optimal results.

I used to use the common 1 day on and 2 days off schedule. It got me started, however, 4 years down the path of my microdosing journey, I do it less regularly nowadays. A lot of my career is creating (hence me writing this article for you), so these days I am primarily using microdosing as a tool for creativity. I usually only microdose on days when I have a big creative project to work on and could use the extra boost. This seems to work very well for me! It is a go-to when I am experiencing the dreaded ‘creative drought’ as it really helps me unlock my own creative self that is still there deep down.

Everyone has their own reasons to microdose. Each and every journey is unique, special and looks completely different. One schedule that might work for someone may be counter-productive for another.

TIP: Food, drinks and other chemicals you consume alongside a microdose can affect how hard your dose hits you. Eg, drinking coffee alongside a microdose of a lysergamide (which is slightly more stimulating than microdosing tryptamines eg, magic mushrooms) can lead to over-stimulation, which can be very uncomfortable. Additionally, microdosing on an empty stomach will make your dose hit harder than if you were to dose after some nourishing food. Experiment and take literal notes (eg, start a microdosing journal) of what you consume on dose days and how it makes you feel will make certain patterns stand out that are helpful in regards to optimizing your doses.

Closing thoughts

My biggest tip for this practice is to prioritize optimization. I have said it many times and I will say it many more times: This is YOUR journey and it is unique to your needs and your lifestyle. Do not focus on how other people are approaching microdosing. Instead, focus on yourself and pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t. When you figure this out, there should be no discomfort, only self-development.

Microdosing is not going to fix all of your problems for you, but it sure can show you areas that could use improvement while offering solutions. We know a lot more than we tell ourselves we know. Try microdosing today and unlock your true self!