With the reemergence of the psychedelics counterculture across the globe, a unique industry dedicated to exploring and expanding the psychedelic experience through tourism has cropped up.

Even though experimenting with psychedelics can be a profound experience on its own, engaging in responsible psychedelic use at a location that combines natural beauty with tradition, culture, and spirituality provides the chance to curate experiences that are out of this world!

In this article, we review eight of the best places around the world you can visit to enhance your understanding of psychedelics and create highly enjoyable and immersive experiences.




When it comes to psychedelics, no city provides a more engaging and accepting culture than Amsterdam. Although it receives a lot of bad press across the globe, the city is a highly popular destination for those wishing to have a good time and explore their interest in psychedelics at the same time.

The vibrant party culture of the region and the gorgeous urban environment instantly creates a splendid ambiance that can be paired with the exploration of psychedelics to craft sublime experiences that deliver a profound and compelling sense of completeness.



Although most of South America is a wonderful place to explore, full of natural wonders and thriving urban centers, the country of Bolivia offers a unique attraction for psychonauts curious to learn and experience the many facets of psychedelic culture.

The country is popular for its use and acceptance of coca, which is chewed directly by the locals as a part of their culture.

The natural plant form of coca is entirely different from the drug. It is a powerful psychedelic that can bring about spiritual experiences, which is why it is held in high reverence by the local population.

With a trek across the natural plains, paired with a responsible amount of coca, you can immerse yourself in a highly rewarding and transformative experience historically considered a point of focus by shamans across the region.



Indonesia is a land that offers a rich and diverse culture supported by vibrant traditions and spirituality. The locals are highly welcoming and offer warm-hearted hospitality that is part of their culture and heritage. Along with a vibrant and colorful culture, the historical country has many breathtaking natural sites to offer.

In terms of psychedelic use, the country is relaxed when it comes to mushrooms, and one can quickly obtain many high-quality products from the local shops. A trip to the resorts or temples, accompanied by a bag of your favorite psychedelic mushrooms, is sure to create enriching experiences that benefit the mind, body, and soul.



Another South American country that makes this list is Peru. Popular across the globe for the cultural and traditional importance given to Ayahuasca across the region, the country has become a must-visit destination for psychonauts and those seeking highly intimate and spiritual psychedelic experiences.

The brew plays a significant role in the region's spiritual and religious culture, and is considered sacred by the locals, treated with much ceremony and reverence. The brew is popular amongst psychonauts as it is considered to reveal the innermost facets of one’s personality and provide a deep understanding of oneself.



We can not complete this list without mentioning one of the world's best locations for exploring different forms and strains of cannabis. The U.S. state has become popular for its psychedelic culture, encouraged by the crowds of party-goers that visit its beaches and resorts every year.

For a chance to experience many subtle variations of cannabis in various forms, you can visit many of the legal dispensaries across the state to find the strain that best suits your preferences while you enjoy the parties and celebrations that are continually raging across the place.



To combine a rewarding learning experience with some responsible guided experimentation with mushrooms, you must visit the Mexican city of Oaxaca.

Famous for its long-standing association with Psilocybin, first cultivated by a spiritual healer and psychedelic shaman, Maria Sabina, the region was also visited by the Father of Psychedelics, Albert Hoffman, during his quest to learn more about psychedelics and mind-altering substances.

The place has become a welcoming attraction for anyone wishing to learn about mushrooms and experience their effects firsthand in a spiritually motivated and healing environment.



Although an unlikely destination to include in this list, the former French colony is quickly growing into a popular tourism destination for psychedelic exploration. Famous for the high-quality hashish produced across the region, the strain is crafted through a complex traditional process that delivers a sublime and smooth psychedelic experience enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

The country also offers some incredible natural attractions, such as its famous deep cave systems and plains, that make an excellent location to experience the incredible psychedelic effects of your preferred substance while enjoying the calmness and serenity of nature.



If you are fonder of mountains and hill-side resorts, a visit to the Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, is sure to reward your thirst for knowledge, psychedelic experiences, and the love of natural beauty.

Considered a primary destination for psychedelic tourism during the psychedelic movement's golden age, the city now offers a unique travel experience that pairs psychedelic exploration with breathtaking natural views and cost-effective tourism options.

A preferred psychedelic amongst the locals remains hashish. It finds traditional and cultural use in the region, and tourists can enjoy the substance's superior quality while visiting the country.


An interest in the exploration of psychedelics almost always brings about a heightened curiosity to discover more about the world, human culture, and ourselves. Pairing this curiosity with a motivating course of tourism and travel can help you craft memories and experiences that can turn out to be highly rewarding, engaging, and enjoyable.

The next time you are ready for a vacation, travel to one of these popular tourist destinations to discover and learn more about psychedelics while immersing yourself in the culture, tradition, and history of these fantastic destinations.