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AMT Powder & Pellets

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We have AMT in every form available so you can broaden your horizons, reaching new heights of research! If you get excited studying Tryptamines, then you will thoroughly enjoy studying AMT! 

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At RealChems.net, you can purchase our vigorously tested AMT in the form of high-quality pressed pellets (30mcg each) and carefully formulated powder! This research chemical belongs to the iconic chemical family of Tryptamines. A personal favourite chemical category of RealChems team! We offer this exciting compound in a variety of forms! We have AMT in every form available so you can broaden your horizons, reaching new heights of research! If you get excited studying Tryptamines, then you will thoroughly enjoy studying AMT! 



AMT is a research chemical, meaning it is not sold for human and/or animal consumption and is only to be used for research purposes. Ensure you follow lab safety protocol whilst handling this research chemical. To make sure that you get the longest shelf-life out of this compound, we highly suggest storing it in a dry and cool environment away from direct sunlight and possible moisture. To avoid possible complications, keep your chemical sealed whenever not in use. As always, use gloves, eye protection and a lab coat/protective clothing when handling AMT in any form. Lastly, always wipe down surfaces and research tools with disinfectant spray/wipes to ensure no traces are left behind! 



AMT was first developed in the 1960s. However, the initial appearance of AMT on the research chemical market first surfaced in 2012. The formal chemical name for AMT is 1-(1H-Indol-3-yl)propan-2-amine. The formula weight/mass of AMT is 174.247 g·mol−1 while the molecular formula is C11H14N2. 

This chemical belongs to the Tryptamine family, home to countless compounds that have been well-known in the research chemical community since the very beginning. Essentially, Tryptamine is an indolamine metabolite of the essential amino acid, tryptophan. The chemical structure is clearly defined by an indole—a fused benzene and pyrrole ring and a 2-aminoethyl group at the second carbon. AMT is substituted at the alpha carbon Rα of its tryptamine backbone with a methyl group.

When it comes to AMT, and all other research chemicals, the research is ongoing. We have yet to discover the full list of possibilities that this compound offers! Although, the only way to know is to research it yourself and analyse your labs’ data to conclude your own verdict. Everyone will use different tools and operate using different durations. Therefore, every lab will end up demonstrating different results. Another aspect that makes this compound so fascinating!



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Disclaimer Our AMT Powder is strictly for laboratory use only. Questions about dosage/feeding to humans or animals or anything consumption related will not be answered by us.
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Case Number: 299-26-3

Formation: Solid pressed pellets (30mcg) and powder.

Formula Weight: 174.247 g·mol−1 

Molecular Formula: C11H14N2


Available Options: Pellets (30mcg each) and Powder. Choose from a variety of quantities displayed above when adding to your cart! If you are looking for wholesale pricing, please visit our wholesale info page for more details. 


Lastly, you must be at least 18 years old to buy AMT. Please ensure you have read our shipping information page before placing your order of AMT. 



We ship Monday to Friday, same day dispatch if ordered and payment is received before 12.30 pm Central European Time. Your products are shipped from our central warehouse in The Netherlands.


Our products are shipped in a strong and regular looking envelope. There are no references to chemicals or Realchems on the outer packaging at all. It looks like any other enveloppe. In the outer envelope you will find a sealed Mylar foil bags to protect the research chemicals until use.


As a customer please check the legality of this chemical in your country before ordering. We are not responsible for any kind of consequences that are a result of purchasing one of our chemical research products.


Most of our products are available wholesale. Please contact us for more information.We endeavor to answer Wholesale inquiries within 24hr hours (Mon-Fri).

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    I have notice that the effects were not that strong, but it was probably the results oh the pour methodology of my experiments.

    I also notice that the smell was wayyy more bearable than what i used to have. <3

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