1. Vikings loved psychoactive substances




    Much of history is extremely enchanting to ponder. Not only is learning about history entertaining but it is also helpful in gaining a clearer perspective on our place in the World. However, some areas of history are far more fascinating than others. One of the most shocking and interesting parts of history is the Vikings. While they were advanced people with their own complex calendars and helpful inventions, such as the potter wheel, they were also cold-blooded killing machines.


    While Vikings had many other accomplishments, they were best known for their ruthless acts and widespread

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  2. The Maya and their love for magic mushrooms

    The Maya and their love for magic mushrooms

    The Maya and their love for magic mushrooms

    The more we look back in time, the more we discover how intertwined psychedelics and human history are. Specifically, magic mushrooms. The Netflix documentary, Fantastic Fungi displays this perfectly.

    In this article, we are going to go back and visit a time thousands of years before us. In Central America lived a famous group of people that were extremely ahead of their time and have assisted us in our understanding of evolution and ancient times. Specifically, their ways of civilization were impressively advanced. 

    Meet: The Maya.

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  3. The difference between Tryptamines vs Lysergamides

    The difference between Tryptamines vs Lysergamides

    The difference between Tryptamines vs Lysergamides

    Tryptamines and lysergamides are both classes of chemical compounds that have psychedelic effects. Tryptamines are a type of organic compound based on the tryptamine molecule, which derives from the amino acid tryptophan. Lysergamides are a class of chemical compounds derived from lysergic acid, a naturally-occurring substance found in certain fungi.

    Both tryptamines and lysergamides can produce psychedelic effects when they are ingested or consumed in some other way. However, we do not recommend this. 

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  4. Was Santa Clause a mushroom?

    Was Santa Clause a mushroom?

    Everyone loves this time of the year because it means resting, eating food, drinking booze and being with those you love. December is the most festive and traditional time of the year in many cultures. But where did these traditions come from? How did they come to be?

    In this article, I will be looking at the tale of a man commonly called Santa Clause and the origins of his story. As with much of history, there is a psychedelic twist.

    Who was Santa Clause?

    If you were once a child in the western world, your parents most likely fed you the exciting story of a mysterious man called Santa. He is described by his classic jolly red cheeks and long white beard. He sports a red coat

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  5. 5-MeO-DMT: Effects, History and Differences from DMT



    “You sure have to kiss a lot of toads before Prince Charming comes along.”

    Compare that childhood adage to the very first experimenters who got up close and personal with the Colorado River toad by either kissing or licking one of them.  Whoever got the hoppers mad enough that first time most likely found out that these dwellers of the Sonoran Desert secrete Bufotenin from their glands as part of their primary defense system. Even more importantly, these pioneer toad-lickers surely stumbled upon the psychedelic nature of the amphibian. In fact, the glandular secretions of the Colorado River toad contain 5-MeO-DMT, a hallucinogenic of a most interesting nature.

    Before you go out to try to find your own croaking “Prince Charming,” though, it is i

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  6. How Magic Mushrooms Got Their Magic

    Magic Mushrooms

    From portrayals in popular culture in movies such as “Natural Born Killers” and “Altered States” to their recent role in innovative therapy, the mojo of magic mushrooms is unmistakable. What follows are some fun facts about these versatile fungi and some discussions that detail how magic mushrooms got their magic, bro.


    Magic mushrooms are banned in certain countries, although in the Netherlands, where they are known as ‘magic truffles,’ isn’t one of them. In the Netherlands, magic mushrooms are mostly sold for research, and the information in this article is intended for those purposes. Therefore, we won’t take any responsibility for those who choose to use them. Ensure that you check the legal status of magic mushrooms where you are before you consider buying or using them.

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